Welcome to The Supplement Cupboard.  My name is Joe and I decided that with the amount of products I purchase and use month after month, it would be useful for others to read about my experiences to help guide their purchases.  Here in the UK,  with last years VAT hike on sports nutrition products, there has never been a more important time to get value for our money and for products we purchase to actually deliver what they promise.  Like many people, I tend to find feedback for products on internet forums, often which are sponsored by the manufacturers themselves,  or given by users who are very impressionable and susceptible to placebo effects when they make a big purchase.


As for my background, I am 26 and have been weightlifting as a hobby since I was 16, I currently lift around 4 days per week with a powerlifting focus with some bodybuilding programming thrown in.  I also have been involved in martial arts since I was 19, training the most during university in Muay Thai/MMA, these days I train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu once per week.

While I maintain real food from a nutritious diet is an important part of supporting training activities,  I find supplements useful to fill nutritional gaps, provide energy and focus, allow effective refuelling post training, as well as many other benefits such as natural remedies for health ailments.


As a career i’ve worked in NPD (new product development) for the UK food industry for nearly 3 years, supplying to major supermarkets.  I hold a BSc in Sport & Exercise Nutrition and an MSc in Food Science.  I feel my nutritional science background gives me a good scope to objectively look at Sports nutrition products, rather then focusing solely on those that have been given crafty marketing strategies.

I hope you enjoy reading and welcome any comments and suggestions on any of my entries.


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